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Mikka, February 2013

And just like that, the Most Beautiful Dog was gone.

Not only was Mikka beautiful, he was the Pointiest Dog: a smallish Karelian with a blaze of white running down his narrow muzzle and a peculiarly foxlike turned-up nose. His Spitz tail was a silly, spring-loaded curl that bobbed from side to side as he trotted along the street. His stare was hypnotic, and usually employed in winning treats from us or from friends or little old ladies at the park.

He was a Juggling Dog, too. When Sean and I first met the boy, we watched him fling a toy in the air, bounce it off his nose, then go bounding after, and we were ready to take him home right then and there. Mikka never saw the point of playing fetch (and let’s not even talk about agility games), but give him a good squeaky ball and he was hilariously happy on his own.


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Becoming a dog person

From: Sean
Subject: Uh oh

I sort of fell in love with Mikka today…

So began the email from my partner Sean, who had been volunteering at the local Humane Society for less than a week.

Up until that point, I’d never been much of a dog person. I’ve always enjoyed the company of friends’ dogs, of course, but taking care of one seemed like far too much to handle. But with Sean’s new-found interest in dog behaviour and training (also the reason for his volunteering), as well as his freelance schedule, it seemed like we might be able to make it work.

Mikka in the park

And so, a few days later we brought home Mikka, the energetic young Karelian Bear Dog. (It’s a Finnish breed, and strictly speaking, his name should probably be Mika, roughly equivalent to Mike. I’m guessing the extra K is there to make it look “more Finnish”.) He was about a year and a half old, so I’m considering today, his six-month anniversary at our house, his birthday.


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