Alba Salix is back! (Nearly!)

It’s been brewing for a long, long time, and it’s almost ready.

Since we released the first six episodes of Alba Salix, Royal Physician at the end of 2014(!), we’ve been watching the download numbers climb steadily. It’s been hugely gratifying to know that our little show is finding fans even though the most recent episode came out two years ago. Life, meanwhile, has gotten in the way time and time again, to the point where listeners wondered if the show was coming back.

We’ve been moving along on scripts all this time, but strangely enough, it’s only now that producer Sean and I are newly married and about to move house, for heaven’s sake, that we’re kicking off an all-new batch of stories from Alba’s world.

This week, after a hilarious night in the studio (read: Julian’s spare room) and a hectic day of editing, we’ve just released a three-and-a-half-minute mini-episode called “Krankel Abroad”. There’s a follow-up on the way, too, this one written by Sean. And this weekend we’re going into the studio for a day to record six episodes of the long-promised spinoff The Axe & Crown.

Alba is finally underway once more. Stay tuned for a big announcement regarding Season Two!

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