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Last week was music crazy - two gigs, three rehearsals and one free-form improv jam in the space of six days. And as of this week, the improvising trio has a gig in December. Yay some more!

One of those gigs last week was a CD release party and send-off for our good friend David Hein. He’s just put out a rockin’ disc called North of Nowhere and he’s now on his way across the continent - a man, a guitar, and a yellow VW bug. I’ve just launched his new web site too, and set up a blog, which he’s been filling with lots of fun touring stories and photos. And just wait until I get the music player finished…

In the meantime, if he comes to your town, go see him!

Words of the week:

  • gosh
  • “phwoaar”
  • faffing
  • explodey
  • fraught
  • Christ on a bike
but please not
  • “moving forward”

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“Moving forward” bothers me almost as much as “on the same page” and “visioning session.”

Posted by Muffy St. Bernard on 25 October 2006 at 8:45 AM

Well, “on the same page” never bugged me that much, and “visioning session” at least refers to something that doesn’t have another name that I know of. But “moving forward” is so awkward and pointless it makes my skin crawl.

Posted by Eli McIlveen on 25 October 2006 at 11:35 AM

Waterloo has been ungoing a lot of construction; the First Gulf development company has torn down most of Waterloo Town Square and is in the process of putting up huge new buildings (which are actually pretty nice).

Yesterday I was walking through the remains of Waterloo Town Square, and what did I see? One of the First Gulf bigwigs giving a speech to community leaders. And what was the first thing I heard?

“As we MOVE FORWARD with the next stage of development in the Uptown core…”

It’s definitely “business-speak.” I hear it a lot at work. It’s a way of making a regular, mundane concept (“doing something”) sound more punchy and active.

As things get more corporate here I get more exposure to these little phrases. “Working toward.” “Consolidate our plans.”

Posted by Eli McIlveen on 27 October 2006 at 8:49 AM

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