Things I am currently obsessed with, or which just make me happy:

  • The stompy, swinging beat that appears in songs like Iggy Pop’s “Lust For Life” and “My Generation” by the Who - it probably goes back further than that too, but I can’t quite remember at the moment. Anyway, it all started when I was casting about for a new arrangement for one of J’s songs, and I’m starting to think some sort of weird mashup medley is in order. We could throw in “This Charming Man” while we’re at it. Have to find someone to play the Johnny Marr guitar part though. Update: Wow. Those songs have been going through my head non-stop for the past day and a half. In the middle of it, I walked into a grocery store where they happened to be playing “You Can’t Hurry Love”. (I knew there was a Motown connection in there somewhere…)
  • Coffee. We’ve taken on a job for Merchants of Green Coffee, a local outfit that sells fairly traded, sustainably grown coffee beans and the equipment to roast and brew them. As part of the deal we got a little coffee roaster. From what I’m told, coffee beans keep for years if they’re green, but once roasted they only last a few days, and once ground, mere hours. Fresh-roasted stuff is quite lovely. I only started drinking coffee at all about a month ago, now that I’m working pretty much every day at the Spinglobe office. It makes me feel so professional and productive! Even if I’m not. 
  • The phrase “losing one’s shit” - which I’ve usually read in reference to a singer’s over-the-top performance. I’ve never actually had occasion to use it myself; it just makes me giggle.

Might have a couple of interesting musical collaborations to report on soon too. Yay!

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